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Arc brave dragon

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PostGogglehead on Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:25 am

So im back with more YGO news, this is about one card in revival of the great divine dragon (wich is already a really cool set form the stuff before) its name is Arc brave dragon
So what is is that makes me so hyped over this card? well for starters it can clear out a LOT of anoying spell and traps (like boss´s black whilrwind) or pendulum monsters if i have not missudnerstood it completely, in other words BADASS and not only that it can bring back a dragon the standbyphase after it goes down (a dragon like felgrand or White spirit dragon) and finally it looks like the light variant of Darkblaze dragon wich was my mai ncard for a LOOOONG time, despite felgrand structure deck being my firts the monster i mainly used was darkblaze so seeing this gives me even more nostalgic feels..... im not to sure about its color scheme though but its fine, it would have been perfect with black and purple but that wouldnt make a lot of sense so eh whatever, anyway i can see many uses for this card in clearing out the field of nasty spells, traps and pends as well as getting back felgrand if he goes down so all in all preety cool card


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