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Konnation's Teacher Applicaiton

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PostKonnation on Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:20 am

Introduction: I haven't fairly introduced myself to BWDA yet, and I bet some of the members barely know who I am yet, so I might as well do it here before you guys know the kind of person you're going to intentionally accept. I'm 17 years old and I am still in high school, senior year in the 2nd semester. I am the GFX artist of BWDA and my goal is to help as much as I can, I know most of you know me but it's only a little introduction before I start my application.

My objective: I'm going to apply as a teacher in order to help the people in BWDA that need some help with deck construction, strategy, and keeping an open mind if duels so I can

Experience: I don't have much experience, the clans I've been in were bullshit but BWDA is just right and they don't try to show off / brag like the rest. I'd like to start my experience off here, despite I don't have any real experience as a staff member. But I have helped many people on DN that needed help with their decks, mainly the ones that ran 60 RR card decks with 3 of each RUM card...

Now onto the application:

1)Why do you wish to be a teacher?
I wish to help the people that need some work to become better with rulings and deck building, soon a topic will be made that will go over how to build decks so me/shun can give better tips on deck building so people have a more clear idea. I just want help others improve and I plan on helping each person that wants the help by helping them improve their decks, giving them more of an open mind of cards that can seriously help their deck. Technically what Bozz does. (that shoutout tho)

2)Why do you think you are suitable?
Good question, I think I'm suitable for the job because of the GOD of consistency, I've been on DN for the past 4 days perfecting moon-light, my ratio for using Moon-Light on DN is currently 85-1. I think I could help people if they would give me a chance and listen to what I have to say about what deck choices they could try, I don't ever judge a tech until I actually try it. I'll make sure the people that need some deck improving will get it.

3)How active are you?
I come on here almost every day, ever since Senior Year it has just been chill.

4)What do you think the role of the teacher is?
I think the role of the teacher is to encourage the people that are teaching so they can continue and have your skills rub off on them so they could use it for future use. I plan on being a teacher of BWDA in more than one way, I technically am being a teacher in the tutorial section at the moment teaching others how to GFX. I'll be getting back on those GFX topics eventually but I'm kind of busy, but I will be getting back to them in the future.

Extra info: Me and Shun plan on doing some topics in the future that will really help with people that deck build and will make people open their mind more in dueling with strategy. Thank you for reading my application, if you liked it give me a DAMMMMMNNN:

Spirit of Avayla
Spirit of Avayla
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PostTormentor on Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:37 am

Application had thought given to it. I as well have been trying to do deck building posts so perhaps I can join you both.
Application Accepted

Waiting on two more admins thoughts.
Prince Takumi
The Xyz Prince
The Xyz Prince
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PostPrince Takumi on Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:54 am

Great thought and effort put in. I do agree with you being the consistency god, for you helped me out with many inconsistent decks out there and I believe that power can be a great lesson in a teaching. I have seen you duel multiple times, and I have to say I am usually impressed most of the time (Faggot). So far, we only have one teacher so you would have to work with ZaneBrain for now. Hope you two get along well.



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PostLegionheart on Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:59 am

Application Approved



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