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"Limits are meant to be broken..." Noctis' Artifact deck profile TCG/OCG

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PostShadow on Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:58 pm

Hello everybody, this is my current build of Artifacts. Keep in mind that this deck functions very much like a "Swiss Army Knife." Allowing the user to cleverly adapt to whatever the opponent may throw at you. This deck has an out to almost everything, and is highly consistent if played correctly.

NOTE: Im going over the main deck only because Im pressed for time, and thats what matters more than the extra or side anyway. Feel free to try it out!
Moralltach is the best Artifact in the main deck. The fact that it can pop any face-up card without targeting, and has a really good ATK stat is amazing, coupling that with the synergy it has with cards like Sanctum, Ignition and Double Cyclone. Also, Malevolent Catastrophe can trigger it as well.
Scythe is your "Fuck you" to 90% of the functioning decks in the game of Yugioh. 2300 atk is pretty decent, and it blocks the opponent from tapping into the extra deck, leaving almost every matchup helpless.
Vajra is the new Malevolent Catastrophe in the deck. It's like the Limit Break, so to speak. The fact that this thing nukes your whole backrow and triggers all of the set Artifacts is nuts, but it's also a hand trap with 1800 atk, so it is a decent stand-alone monster too.
Labrys is more or less filler, and a good beatstick wth 2300 atk.
Beagalltach is a very good 2100 defender with the ability to trigger multiple Artifacts at once, allowing it to let you go off.
Aegis is a good wall that gives your ancient tools immunity to destruction and targeting by card effects. 2500 def is difficult to beat over so its a better wall than Shield.
Achilleshield is a very good wall that gives your Artifacts immunity to battle. The problem I have with it is that most people will drop a Torrential or Raigeki to say fuck you to it, so I only play 1. Although its def, resting at 2300, is decent.
Cauduceus is basically a Maxx "C" for every time you special summon an Artifact. Also, 2400 def isnt something to laugh at.
Failnaught allows you to recycle, or "repair" your Artifacts that are in the graveyard, making it a good 2-of. It also has decent atk, resting at 2000.
Honest is a good out to monsters that are bigger than your weapons.
Thunder King is Thunder King. Nuff said.
Ignition is very self explanitory, setting up plays and potentially removing the opponents backrow along with it. It can also be used to set off your tools.
Double Cyclone removes opponents backrow and allows your tools to move to the field.
Duality is simple consistency.
Raigeki is mass removal.
Book of Moon is still amazing.
Artifact Sanctum is like a Hero Lives without the restrictions, and can possibly pop the opponents cards as well.
Breakthrough is simple effect negation.
Malevolent Catastrophe is another Limit Break, so to speak. Like Vajra.
Grand Horn keeps Pendulums and any Xyz/Synchro spam at bay.
Solemn Warning is still that card.
I hope you like the deck. Any comments, questions and criticism will be welcomed.
~Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum


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PostMarshall Kagawa on Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:05 am



When The Target Is In Range Always Shoot To Kill

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