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Gen 1 Ubers

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PostLinty on Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:15 pm

As said on my 'Top 10 Strong Pokemon from Gen 1' list, Mewtwo and Mew would have been 1 and 2 on my list in that order if I added them although I decided to exclude them for being the only 2 Pokemons in the Uber tier in Gen 1's metagame and for very good reason.

Mew's Text:
It's no coincidence that the 2 best Pokemons are Psychic-types. Mew's special attribute is that it was able to learn every TM in the game and having all of its stats be at a fantastic base 100. Meaning that this Pokemon was extremely versatile and you were able to form a Mew into an All-Out Attacker, Sweeper or Support Pokemon depending on what type of build you want in your team.

Mewtwo's Text:
This Pokemon would have been Number 1 if I didn't exclude Uber Pokemons from the list. Mewtwo's stats were not only godlike further forwarding the motion that Psychic-types were overpowered in Gen 1. With the exception of Defense, all of Mewtwo's stats are not only better than Mew's but Mewtwo also has access to "Amnesia" to raise its already amazing Special stat (Base 154) even further by 2 stages per each use along with "Recover" which is something that Mew does not have access to. Unlike Alakazam which was debatable whether or not there exist counters to it, Mewtwo has absolutely no counter, meaning if you wanted to beat a Mewtwo you'd have to use another Pokemon with an exceedingly high Special stat. Including Ubers, Mewtwo is the 2nd fastest Pokemon in Gen 1, being only beat by Electrode in Speed.

Mewtwo's weakest stat is Defense although its Defense stat isn't even bad on its own being base 90, it just so happens to be Mewtwo's most lacking stat and even then, you will be extremely hard pressed to fight against a Mewtwo using Physical Attacking moves. Even though I said previously that the only way to fight Mewtwo is with an exceedingly high Special stat, by this point, not even Alakazam would be able to help you, the only counter to Mewtwo is Mewtwo. Hilariously even though Mewtwo is known for being a Special Attacker, it has an amazing Attack stat meaning it has access to Physical moves that it can counter Alakazam's low Defense, not to mention having access to "Amnesia" is already the icing on the cake since this Pokemon has the highest Special stat in the entire Gen.

Without the Uber restriction, it's no doubt that Mewtwo is absolutely the most powerful Pokemon in Gen 1.

If you guys have any criticisms or questions you may have, I'd love to hear them.

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